The Basic Benefits of Brainwave Entrainments


In our previous articles, we've talked about Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones and the when's and why's of listening to these Brainwave Entrainments. There are many benefits to listening to these, not just the soundwaves themselves but the effects they have on us leading to the better thing. Binaural beats allow those who struggle with meditation to explore the mind in its meditative state and reap the benefits of practicing such routine. Those who meditate have more peace within themselves and get the opportunity to discover who they really are or better yet, remember who they really are. 
Reducing anxiety 
We all can get wound a little tight these days and when we allow momentum to pick up our worries, it can soon escalate into anxiety and panic. Anxiety comes from our ego telling us things that are not true and causing us to worry about things that do not even exist. Listening to binaural beats can shut down the ego and expand the consciousness allowing anxiety sufferers to quieten down those egos. 



Lessons our stress levels 
This also works the same with our stress levels and also depression. Binaural beats create a sense of well-being that meditation gives. This allows us to rest our minds and see the bigger picture in all our stresses. Binaural beats remind us that we are consciousness, not just physical bodies and therefore our worries tend to seem less dramatic. 


Reduces chronic pain 
Pain in the body is linked to pain in the mind. Listening to binaural beats can reduce this significantly due to the relaxed mind releasing the blockages that are in the body. When we think negative thoughts we stop energy flowing correctly in the body and blockages start appearing. These blockages then send signals to the body that something is wrong. The pain that we feel in the body is just the bodies way of telling us something is off and we need to fix it. Binaural beats allow the mind to think clearer and more relaxed thoughts which can eventually lead to those pains subsiding. 

Increases athletic performance 
With more energy and a general state of well-being, we become very in tune with how amazing our bodies are and feel exhilarated about testing them out. Binaural beats can also allow us to tap into all of our energy. We all have a lot of energy that is never used to its full potential but binaural beats allow us to tap into it all and explore with it. 

Increases general happiness 
Binaural beats create a general state of happiness. When we meditate we allow ourselves to be more connected with our higher self and therefore see us as it does which is with total love. When we love ourselves and respect ourselves we naturally become a much happier person. 

Binaural beats can help anyone no matter who they are. We all have the ability to have total bliss and binaural beats allow us to seek this out. We all get caught up in the annoyances of the day sometimes and meditating allows us to come back to center and get a little perspective. We are all more than we see and when we clear our egos and listen to our minds we are able to see this. Binaural beats allow us to explore what is within us and project it outward onto others and back to ourselves. It creates a general healthy well-being. 



Feel Good Music: "Upliftment" - Wellness, Relaxation, Peaceful, Positivity 
Feel good with this binaural beat track that uses Theta waves ranging from 4-7Hz, which triggers creativity, dreaming and physical and emotional healing, and an isochronic pulse of 6.15Hz, which connects to the heart and gives love, warmth and comfort. For meditation practitioners, these frequencies will guide you to access the subconscious, inner peace, mystical truths and inner wisdom. It also reduces blood pressure and cuts down on mental fatigue. Mixed with the carrier frequency of Jupiter's orbit of 183.58Hz which symbolizes spirituality, this supports creative power and success. Listen with headphones to get the best brainwave entrainment effects and always set the volume at a comfortable low volume.


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