What Are Numbers Trying To Tell You?


With numerology becoming more and more popular over the last several years, many people have different ideas about numbers themselves and what they mean. It is believed that we can take numbers that are personal to us, such as our birthday, and after a few sums we can be told more about our personality and of our future. But what about the numbers themselves? 
The famous 11:11 
These numbers are the most popular for many people and we hear stories all the time of people waking up at 11:11, or their microwaves stopping and starting at 11:11. This number sequence has different meanings for different people but they all mean the same thing, it just depends on what people's beliefs are. For some, it is a message from their angels telling them they are right on track, and for others, it is a sign from God, the universe or even angels from a lower order known as Midwayers, all trying to communicate with you that they are always watching over you and that everything will work out okay.   
The lining up of numbers

Although the 11:11 sequence is very popular, it "Divine Numbers" is applicable to any number. When we see numbers lining up, whether it be a couple of numbers (44) or a whole sequence, (444444) it is indeed, a big hug from the universe. It is a way of knowing your alignment with your Source. We experience alignment when we are having the same thoughts as our souls do and it means we are on the track of creating only the best for ourselves. It means we are vibrating on a frequency that has many doors open for us and we are flowing well within the universe. When we see these numbers lining up, it is telling us exactly this. 



  Using these numbers to your benefit 
When we see an indication of our alignment we can certainly use it to our advantage. When we study ourselves and our thoughts we can make sure that in the future we can always try to keep our alignment. We can also use these numbers as a guide. If we were thinking about doing something and we see a line of numbers, go do it! It is the universe's way of telling you that you are on the right track. Sometimes, we can see these numbers and we tend to question them. Maybe we have had a bad day and certainly do not feel in alignment but at that moment, stop. What are you thinking about? It can be the universe's way of nudging you to do what you were thinking about doing or to just keeping thinking that thought and it will lead you to your alignment. 
It is extremely comforting to know that we are always being watched over and guided. When we are in alignment we bring to us all that we desire, life seems easy, fun and everything just seems to work out for us. Some days we have to reach for it, some days it is just there, but these numbers are indicating to us when we are there and how beautiful that is. When we see them we can enjoy them, we can be grateful for the indication and the reminder that we are in alignment with our souls and that everything will flow divinely.

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