Allowing Your Children To Stay Positive


As parents, we are here to guide our children and teach them about their feelings and their emotions. We feel our duty is to keep them safe and sheltered but does this stop them from learning to guide themselves? If they are always looking for validation in us, how will they ever look for validation within themselves, where it is kept. 

"Parenting is not about having children lean on you, it's about making leaning unnecessary. They've got a compass. Let them follow their own compass." 
- Wayne Dyer 

It is important to live by example, especially around our children. They watch, they observe and they catch onto habits easily. Many of us have the habits of our parents within us. If we grew up seeing our parents stress about certain things or get angry about other things, then it is likely that we will develop the same habits. If we are positive, calm and relaxed, they will tend to follow the same path. 

Learning from our children 
Children, due to not learning yet about what they 'should' be worried about, are naturally positive beings. As children get older, they are taught by others around her that they should worry about things, they are taught to please their parents and this basically leads to them forgetting to listen to themselves, do what makes them happy and in general, not follow their own compass. 



  In actual fact, we can learn more from our children than they can learn from us. Our children are fresh from the other side, born into alignment. The only reason they become misaligned is because we teach them to. Of course, as a responsible parent we can teach then about healthy eating, hygiene, and keep them safe, but they can teach us fun, happiness, well-being, calmness and all things that we have now forgotten. 
Our children are creators too 
We see children as small infants but in fact, they are genius source creators who have come here for their physical experience to learn and to grow, just as we have. They also are manifesting their own experiences daily. Being aware of this, we can encourage their positivity. Children are naturally happy, they have energy, they want to play, color and climb trees and there is no reason why they should not but our stress as parents and discipline, leads to us stomping on this and over time, they learn that they cannot do what feels good without consequences. 
We do not need to be afraid of parenting, because our natural instinct will teach them to be safe, and show them how much we love them, but if we allow them to, they will always know what to do. When they get hungry they will tell you when they get tired they will tell you or when they feel unwell they will tell you. We should try to let them lead by example, teach them to keep their positivity, keep their spontaneity and allow them to use their own inner being for guidance.

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