How Time Is On Our Side


Everything happens for a reason and at the exact time, it should. This sounds like a cliche but there is a lot to be said for divine timing and the timing we use to create our realities. 
Eckhart Tolle tells us the importance on the here and now. He tells us that if we focus too much on the past or too much on the future then we are not appreciating the now and it is the now that we must be most grateful for. 

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.” - Eckhart Tolle 



We all have goals that we are working towards and if we keep our energy on it then we will start to see the evidence of its manifestation, but sometimes it feels like it is not on its way or that it is taking too long. We are all on the brink of instant manifestation and we can all create immediately if we allow ourselves. We are always manifesting and the universe is always working with us, but are we working with the universe? If it is always offering us what we want then why are we not receiving it? 


Are we ready for what we asked for? 
Sometimes, we know what we want but are not quite sure how we want it and the universe is always trying to find clarity from our actions as to what we want, and sometimes we ask for things from the wrong frequency. For example, if we want to get married because all of our friends are getting married then we cannot manifest the perfect lover and the perfect ceremony because we are asking for it from the place of not having it, rather than from the place of enjoying it. Our desires will come to us as soon as we are ready for them and when I say ready for them, I mean it will come to us as soon as we become a vibrational match to that which we desire. 
Once we have matched our vibration up it means that we are now able to see our desires begin to take place- they were always there but now we are seeing them. We meet the right people in the right places every day but this sometimes goes unnoticed if we are not in alignment. We are shown the answers all the time, we are guided by people who know the answer to our questions and we are guided to the places that we have asked to go to but we do not always allow ourselves to receive this guidance because we are too busy wondering why we are not there yet. 
When your heart is ready, it will be taken exactly where it needs to go and this can be today. Today, we can get to exactly where we want to go and be who we want to be if we allow it and we should be ready for it. We have all been asking for so much for so long and it is right around the corner for us. Despite what some people may believe, we are not being tested to see if we are ready and the universe is not waiting in the mist, watching our actions and seeing how kind we are and deciding whether we are ready or not, it is all in our control. It is all there behind a door, waiting for us to open to it and align up with the thought of it in order for it to be allowed in.


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