An Alternative Way To Overcoming Pain

There are many ways we can heal or relieve pain. Many modern routes these days take a medical approach but what does this actually achieve? If we are hurting, we are hurting for a reason so we should try to get to the route cause of this to start the healing process. 
Affirmations absolutely work in our favor and there are a couple of ways to go about this. One way is to repeat them to ourselves until they become truths, as we discussed in a previous blog. The more we say it, the more we will believe it. Focus on your gut feeling when you say these affirmations, though, how do they feel? Sometimes, the vibration can be slightly off. For example, saying 'thank you so much for my healthy body,' can create a feeling of, 'I know I do not have a healthy body,' and the more we radiate this, the more we get off this. Try softening it and say, 'I love feeling well.' This is an absolute true because of course, we love feeling well. This is a good vibration to reach. 



  The other way for these to help is to link the physical pain with the emotion. A great book to learn more about this is You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay. Here, she links illnesses to feelings. For example, migraines are due to fear of being close.  Along with diagnoses, Louise has also written affirmations to help release the blockage. 
The Laws of Attraction 
These laws are very powerful and for pain relief, we can find a huge shift if we focus on where our energy goes. For many of us, when we are in pain, it can feel very difficult to focus on anything other than that pain. For example, if we have a migraine but must go to work, it affects our whole day. It changes the foods we crave, the conversation we normally would dabble in and the company we choose to immerse ourselves in. 
However, if we can somehow focus our energy away from the pain, we will feel less pain. Many of us have experienced pain or illness in different ways and have chosen to rest and watch the television or go out with friends anyway to have a good time and, after a while, notice that we feel a little better. This is because your spirit has been lifted; it is because you have not put energy onto your pain, you have placed it elsewhere. This is worth experimenting with to see what is doable whilst unwell or feeling pain but it is totally worth trying it. It is also worth being overly grateful when we are feeling well. Be thankful for our bodies and all they do for us, be thankful for our minds and how they guide us. By taking advantage of our good days we are also shifting energy to positive, easy, carefree days and the universe can do nothing but give us more of those. 
If any resistance lays upon us, we feel it as physical symptoms. Meditating through clearing the mind or listening to binaural beats can help lift that resistance and therefore clear any blockages we may have within our bodies. Our bodies are always working on our side, although sometimes we feel as if they are not. Usually, after going through the painful experience and emerging out the other side we can see what benefits it had to our spiritual growth. Every cloud has a silver lining, and if we look deeper we can usually see what our bodies are asking for.

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