The Mindful Journey of Becoming Spiritually Awakened


We are going through a time where people are slowly starting to wake up spiritually and become aware of who they are and how powerful they are. This is an amazing time to be alive. People have very different experiences when going through such a journey, some are physical and some are mindful. It is the mindful experiences that we shall explore here. 
A shift in perspective 
When going through such a journey we start to become more of an observer. We observe other people and feel empathy and compassion for them and we slowly start to observe ourselves too. Upon an awakening, we start to observe our emotions more and listen to what they are telling us. We listen to our body too and what it is indicating or needing. Illness is just the body's way of telling us what needs fine tuning. It is not to be feared, it is to be learned. When we start to realize this we suddenly have a very different perspective on life. Some would go as far to say that the world suddenly seems very fake and very lost. 


Loving everyone for who they are 
We are all connected and we are all one. We are all intertwined and learning from each other every minute of the day. We were put here to gather information and grow, and without people around us, we would not be abe to do so. Everyone is on their own journey and we should allow them to continue this without interfering. We can guide and we can enjoy it with them. We soon learn to be genuinely happy for them. 



 People who are hurt, hurt others. If someone is hurting another we can have compassion for that person and be there for them if they need it. It is our duty as souls to uplift others and help them along their way. 

"Go out into the world today and love the people you meet. 
Let your presence light new light in the hearts of people." 
- Mother Teresa 

The signs of your life around you 
After going through such an experience, there comes a time when we sit back and observe what is around us. It is likely that what is around us is all positive. We have positive and encouraging friends, we are stable, we are always meeting new inspiring people and we have a general sense of well-being in our lives. We feel at peace. 

We all have the potential to wake up every morning and have the best day possible. We can meet wonderful people, have amazing experiences and see everything just the way it really is- beautiful. As we go through this journey, we begin to see life more like this, we see the beauty in everything and the potential in others. We see abundance around us, we see the power of our energy along with the power of the universe. We easily see the laws of attraction working around us and others, we see everything with open eyes and suddenly, it is as if we are born into the real world. The world that we were put here to create in and to develop in, the world we were all meant to see and now more than ever, people are seeing this. 

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