Is Running Good For The Soul?


Exercise is great for the body and we should always do things that make us feel great. This can be absolutely anything. All exercise is vital to maintaining a healthy body and mind. Running is particularly successful when it comes to overall well-being. A lot of the time, the distance we can run or the pace in which we can keep up with is due to our mindset. This means that running can tell us if we are well balanced. 
If you have ever been out for a run then you will know the feeling of reaching that 'point'. That point is a feeling of pushing yourself through a barrier. When we run, we get to a point where it can feel really tough, tougher than it was when we started the run itself. If we push on through this, we feel a sense of release where suddenly our bodies relax and get into a rhythm. Once we have reached this stage, we feel like we can run for hours! What this feeling actually is, is the feeling of releasing resistance. When we start off for our run we are normally thinking about what our day has brought so far and what we have to do when we get back like picking up the kids from school, making dinner, ironing, or whatever there is to do. The more we run, the more we relax and eventually, as we do this we begin to release resistance and once we get to this, that is the feeling of running forever. 

The mindset 
Running is also a way of knowing what frequency we are on. Many times, when we are in alignment we are pumped to get out there on the open road or get to our favourite treadmill and we know we are in for a healthy amount of exercise but if we are feeling off, if we are feeling sad, angry, hurt or feeling any kind of emotion that is not beneficial to us then we can struggle. We can get our sneakers on with little enthusiasm and find every step a chore. For some, getting out there and running to release the tension is a must but for others, every step is a reminder of their negative emotions and the further they run, the more they are adding resistance to a thought that is unwanted. 



  Exercise, in general, is good for everything. It is good for our muscles, bones, cells, molecules and our minds. When we exercise we work the body out, get the heart beat pumping and helps our cells to regenerate. It also helps the other way round too, where our thoughts become positive ones which then send positive vibes to our cells and then release any blockages we may have developed through negative thinking patterns. It is also a chance to be with ourselves, feel the power of our bodies and how strong they are. It is a chance to go into our minds, say our grateful whilst enjoying the feeling of our alignment.

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