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Although we do not always feel it at the time, we are always learning and growing through contrast but unfortunately for some of us, we use the contrast as a reason to not expand. The reason we have decided to come forth into these physical beings is to learn and to grow because are souls who are always in alignment, we cannot learn, we must experience the ups and downs of life in order to expand. 
Expanding through contrast 

We are all souls and our souls are always in alignment. However, our souls cannot expand without contrast. For example, how are we supposed to know that we want more money unless we have had very little? From experiencing the lack of, we can then go forward and ask for the next thing we want but we often do not do that. Often, we use the contrasting experience as a reason to complain. We complain to our friends and families and we complain to ourselves. The more we do this, the more uncomfortable we feel. It makes us feel uneasy and makes us feel angry but why do we feel like this? We feel like this because our souls have taken the contrast and moved forward. Our souls have learned what to ask for next but our minds are stood still, complaining why they need more and justifying it. If we take the contrast on board and move forward in our growth then we would not feel that gut wrenching feeling that feels so awful to us. 

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Forgetting self-criticism 
Guilt is the furthest feeling from our soul within which is why it feels the worst for many of us and this is usually because we are blaming ourselves for our recent contrast. This can be something that is very difficult for us to swallow if we think we have done wrong or hurt another, or ourselves. Once we learn about the beauty of contrast we can soon try to take this on board and stop criticizing ourselves for our 'mistakes'. We can learn from these and the sooner we accept them and try better next time to take a different approach, the better it feels to us because we are keeping up with our own expansion. 



Learning to forgive ourselves and take on life's lessons takes time and this is experiencing the contrast in itself, but we can get better at this and learn to allow ourselves to expand over time. Sometimes it makes things harder when we have people around us who are accusing us or reminding us of our actions but we can still rise above it all and love ourselves for what we have learned through every experience because those people are learning too. We are all on our own journey of discovering ourselves and our universe and we are all at different stages within that. Experiencing contrast is the reason we came here so we should all try to make the most of it because after all, if we did not experience the contrast we may as well be dead! 

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