The Importance of Relaxation

Relaxation is very important, not just because it is fun to do so, but because it is so good for our mindset and well-being. It is not pleasant for anyone to live a life full of anxiety and stress, with feelings of depression or low energy. We are naturally joyous beings and we deserve to live a life like this. Relaxing can come from many different actions such as meditating, laughing with friends, reading or whatever you enjoy specifically; it can help in all areas. 
Your Mood 
Relaxing in the day helps keep our mood up. If we are working passed our breaking points then it is likely we can get grumpy and unpleasant to be around. Taking time out, even if it is just time to sit with a cup of tea and laugh with friends can freshen our minds to carry on with the day in a good mood. 
Your Sleep 
Sleep is so importance for us all. When we sleep, we release all resistance on anything, which allows the energy around us to flow. When we do not get enough sleep we are not allowing time for everything to return to its natural state and therefore, when we wake, we jump right back into our stress. We should allow the time to enjoy our rest and get ready for bed calmly without any distractions. 

Your Stress 
Our stress levels can rise considerably unless we take time out. This can mean having a holiday every year but really we want to get into the habit of doing it daily. If we feel our stress levels rising, we have to listen to our bodies and take some time away from what is making us feel like that. Many people choose to push through and use the stress to their benefit like running on adrenaline, but this is not a healthy habit to get into. 
Your Memory 
Relaxation improves memory considerably. We have all have moments of being stressed and tired and being left with a foggy brain. When we feel like this we cannot think straight which stresses us out even more. 



  Finding the time to relax can help us in all area in our life. Over time, people have become accustomed to doing the exact opposite, as there is a false premise around the principles of working hard. We seem to believe that the harder we work, the more we are worth and people who take time daily to rest will never succeed. Of course, the opposite is true because if we take time out of our day to relax it changes our whole mindset and keeps us in check. 
For some, relaxation is not easy but that is only because they are out of practice. The more we take the time to do this the easier it gets and the more we realize what a difference it makes to our well-being. We all have an inner compass that is pointing in the direction of happiness and joy and we are always being guided to that point. The more we take time out to do relax and listen to our guidance, the more we will start to see a change in our surroundings. Life is supposed to be fun!

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