What Is the Law of Action?

Over the years, the Law of Attraction has become vastly popular. However, the more this law is catching people's attention the more the other Universal laws in our Universe are being left in the dark and leaving some people wondering why their manifestations aren't happening. There are twelve laws in total, the Law of Attraction being just a single one amongst them. They all have their divine purpose and they are intertwined perfectly. One of the most important laws that work alongside the Law of Attraction so well is the Law of Action
This is a law forgotten by many despite it being there since the beginning of time with all the other laws. It states that in order to create and manifest we must move within the Universe. If we ask the Universe for guidance we shall receive it but we must take action in order to receive it. Due to there being so much media hype over the Law of Attraction, people have come to believe that they can simply visualize and sit around, waiting for it to come to them if they keep focused on what they want but they are failing to receive it and wonder why. This is because action needs to be taken in order to receive it. 

“Faith without works is dead” 
James 2:20 


Of course, this action is extremely specific because we cannot ask and then step out into the world and seek for days hoping to find where the Universe has hidden our desires. Our action must first begin with that excitement that we feel in our hearts. This excitement, this inspiration, this joy, is our connection to the Universe and it is in those moments that we must move. If we feel inspired to do something or go somewhere, even if it makes little sense at the time, we must do it because it is calling us to it. It is the call from the Universe saying, 'come this way' in order to reach what we've asked for. 



  We were all born with an inner guidance system that tells us where to go but it is rarely used despite its presence. The Law of Action tells us that when we feel love we must go and where we feel fear we must leave. Positive energy tells us we must act upon those desires whereas negative energy tells us we must not. The more joy we feel the closer we are to being our true enlightened selves. Most of us, if not all, have all gone against our better judgment and taken action only to later find it was a mistake. This is taken so lightly with most people but it is actually extremely important to say no to things that don't feel good to us. The more we say yes to the positive and no to the negative the more we will learn to go where the Universe wants to take us. 



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