How Can We Control the 'Monkey Mind'? 


It was the Buddha, over 2,500 years ago that began teaching people about the power of their mind so that they could live out their life in peace and in harmony. It was him who described the human mind as being filled with dozens of pesky monkeys, running and jumping around. Screeching and chattering. All of these monkeys are looking for very specific attention and they all demand it now. 
The loudest monkey of them all is the fear monkey and it is making more noise than any other creature. It is more demanding than them too. It is always raising its voice above all others and this monkey is putting thoughts in our head. It tells us what may go wrong, what we should be afraid of, and asks us why we have made so many mistakes. This is your average monkey mind chattering away: 
•    Your mind reminding you of your past struggles. 
•    Your mind judging your current reality. 
•    Your mind judging others. 
•    Your mind creating panic situations for the future



How to quiet the monkey mind 
We can learn to meditate and quiet these monkeys if we choose to but we cannot push against them and shout no at them because of the laws of the universe. This will only make them louder. However, we can learn to tame them and we can do this with meditation. This will start to calm them and quiet them. 

Talking to the monkeys 
Talking to the monkeys has proven powerful for some people if we just listen to what it is telling us. Sometimes, it is telling us to go and do something. This can also be a guide from the universe so if the monkey keeps talking then maybe consider doing what it is telling you because it may benefit you. If the monkey is worried and fearful of something that is in the future then reassure it that everything will be fine and everything always works out for us. There is no need to worry. 
Detaching from the monkeys 
We can also detach ourselves from them especially the Fear monkey. If we hear him chattering loudly we can remind ourselves that we are not the monkeys, the monkey is separate from us. They can talk all they want but it will not effect us because we are above all of them. This can also help to quiet them. 
Learning to control our monkeys is extremely powerful and leaves us with a sense of peace and calmness. Learning positive talk and calming techniques will definitely benefit us on a daily basis. Taking deep breaths and centering our attention in one area will take the focus away from our monkeys and over time they will seem a lot quieter but they will always be there, just learn to listen to them when it is important and comfort them. It may take a little time to firstly observe their presence and then more time to quiet them but it will benefit us greatly and we will be calmer people for it. 

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