What Does It Mean to Live Out Our Dharma? 



It is very common for us to look around us for happiness. We think that if we have the right house, the right spouse, the right friends or the right car, that we will be happy. A lot of people strive for this but sadly arrive at an unfulfilling end after pushing through life to receive all these things and discovering that they still have no lasting happiness. 
Dharma is taught by the Hindu and Buddhist religions. The word Dharma means 'protection.' The teaching means to protect ourselves from suffering and pain. To practice, Dharma means to follow our mind and thoughts to inner peace and long lasting happiness rather than to find happiness in the material things that surround us today. 


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Living out our Dharma 
Our dharma is our inner calling and we do not have to search for it as it is already within us, we are aligned with it. When we live by our dharma we will notice a great shift in how life unveils itself around us. Everything we are surrounded by unravels perfectly to us at the right time. Everyone radiates to us at the right time and the flow of our life is timed to complete perfection. When we live out our dharma we are in great harmony with the universe and everything is effortless. 
We can do this by following our intuition which is our divine selves. Our divine self will lead us to the path of long last happiness and fulfillment. The universe wants us to be aligned with this in order to be ourselves and to live out our purpose- we all have one. 

“The more you trust in this intuition, the more you will see things in pure alignment with your own dharma.
- Dr. Wayne Dyer 

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Quieting the mind to hear the soul 
The best way for us to connect is to quiet our minds. When we meditate we start on a path of self-discovery and work with the universe to discover our true purpose to happiness.  Over centuries of ego-based living people are finally waking up to the idea that they have a purpose on this earth and that they are here for a reason. It is our egos that rise above us loudly and make us unable to hear our true selves. 
When we do so we become rich but not rich in the sense that we have been taught, not rich with money and power but rich with life. When we follow our true calling we work within the laws that the universe provides to us which is always in our favor. We feel no struggle and we feel no pain when we live out our dharma we live in complete happiness from within ourselves and enjoy watching the universe use what is around us show us to show us how beautiful the world truly is. 



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