What Is Avesa and How Can It Benefit Us? 


The word Avesa is Sanskrit, meaning 'to enter another body'. It is a word we do not often hear. It means to enter another body for a specific purpose. There is a classic tale told of Avesa where the Guru Sankaracharya gained the body of King Raja after his passing, in order to benefit from the human experience. He embodied the King for quite some time whilst his own body was being protected by his followers. 

If we wanted to experiment with this we can do so gently and without harm or threat. We can do it whilst lucid dreaming, using astral travel and sometimes when we are totally connected with ourselves, it can just happen. 


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What are the benefits of it? 
Avesa is a plane which we can enter and in order to do this we must use astral projection. When we astral project, we can project into another's body on this specific plane in order to connect and feel one's fear or pain.  Sometimes, we find it difficult to understand the likes of others. Due to our own unique upbringings and beliefs, we cannot understand other people emotions and their reasons for doing things completely because we have never been through what they have. By connecting with others in a positive way we can feel a deeper level of their emotions in order to help them. 

We can benefit from this because we can connect to another's emotions. By doing so we feel a connection to others, beings or animals, and empathize on a deeper, more spiritual level. We can all sympathize with others situation, we can understand how they feel and try to give comfort but what if we could physically and mindfully feel exactly what they are feeling? This is Avesa. 
Can we all do it? 
It may sound like the likes of a horror film but it is a very peaceful experience. We can use astral travel or lucid dreaming where it is not exactly 'entering the likes of another's body'. When we do this we can do it though meeting the other soul on another plane in order to completely connect our emotions with theirs. We can also do this with animals. Sometimes it can happen and we do not always realize but if we sometimes feel totally in line with another's feelings, feel their pain or hurt, or feel the energy of their feelings, it is likely that we are experiencing some other level of deep connection and we can be awake to do that. 
We are all united and connected, although it does not always feel that way as we are so different but we have all come here to create amoungst each other and grow spiritually. Sometimes, in order to do so, it can benefit us to connect deeply with connecting to the emotions of others in order to feel empathy and have an understanding. By loving ourselves and loving others we can all unite together and release any resistance we feel towards another. If we have hate for someone or have any negative emotions towards anyone, we can meet them on a higher level, connect with them and understand their reasons and grow from them. 



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