What Can Our Past Lives Tell Us About Ourselves? 


We are eternal beings and have had many lives before this one. We also have many lives ahead of us for the purpose of learning and growing. When we incarnate in this life we forget the last and there is a reason for that. This life that we are currently living in is helping us to expand as souls and learn many lessons. If we knew about our past lives it could put a cloud on this one. Each life is a fresh start and a fresh learning curve but what if we did remember? What if we could reflect off our past lives and see why we are where we are today? 

"Some people deny the existence of the soul in the past simply because they cannot remember the event of their past."
- The Vedanta Philosophy 



  Children are the most intuitive 
Over the years there have been many documented occurrences where people have remembered amazing facts that do not add up in their current lives, leading it to be a tale of their life before. These stories mainly revolve around children. Our children are great examples when it comes to exploring our past because they are fresh from the other side and have not yet learned to subconsciously block anything out. There are many stories of children knowing who they once were and even taking their parents to where they once lived. If we ask our children, 'who were you when you were bigger before?' It is likely that they will give us a profound answer. 

Power Quadrant System / Decoding Your True Identity

Feeling our past life within our present 
It is possible to find out about our past lives through hypnosis, regressions and also meditation. This can help many people. For some, there are certain parts of themselves that are unexplainable. Some are overly jealous for no reason, others get angry so quickly and cannot explain why. This can all be linked back to our past lives and it can help to find out more. When we find out more about our souls it can give us a sense of relaxation to know why we are the way we are and what we are trying to get from this life now. This can help to put a few things to rest. Having the awareness of our past life lessons gives a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth. 
It can be difficult for some to grasp the contrast of not only having a single past life but having thousands of them. A lot of people do not see that there is a constant continuum within our universe and that nothing is ever destroyed, it is only ever gained. We are all on a journey of reaching our highest potential, not just in this lifetime, but as souls in general and this takes time. Not only do we get to enjoy the journey that we are currently experiencing within these bodies but we get to enjoy the journey of being an eternal being and exploring our fullest potential within different life scenarios. 


Using 80Hz as our primary binaural beat, this represents and triggers subliminal and subconscious access towards self-reflection, providing us clearer awareness. This particular frequency appears to be involved in stimulating the serotonin production. Effects towards the physical aspects of an individual, this can also provide pain relief and relaxation, as this track is embedded with a 2.5Hz isochronic tone and a carrier frequency of 160Hz.

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