How to Start Letting Go of Anger


If we find times of anger pouring out of us, it is because we have anger inside. There can be many reasons that we have this and why we release it. Some get angry to get attention to themselves, some do it to feel control or power whilst others do it because they feel sorry for themselves. Whatever the reason is for the anger, whether we know what it is or do not, we can do our best to release it and not allow it to come back to us. 
The best analogy of anger I have ever heard was told by the late Wayne Dyer, who told us that:  
"You cannot give what you do not have." 



  Simple? Yes. This is very simple. His example for this was to hold an orange. When you squeeze an orange, you get orange juice. Everytime. You do not get apple juice, grapefruit juice or pineapple juice, only orange juice. Why is that? The answer is obvious of course, it is because orange juice is what is always inside it. When we widen this and carry this analogy over to ourselves, what would we get if someone squeezed us? Stress? Anger? Frustration? Resentment? 

Turning the other cheek 
We can release this anger by focusing our energy the other way. By doing this, we are living in a natural state of joy. There will be times when we still get angry or frustrated and feel totally out of control but once we have gone through this, continue to look forward. The more we focus on what just happened and beat ourselves up about it the more we are allowing more of it. It is best to not question the reasons for the outburst, do not analyze it or try to get to the bottom of it- there is never a bottom to anything. 
Letting it all go 
For some, they know exactly what they are angry at. Either they have resentment towards someone or they hold a grudge about something that happened to them. It is exhausting carrying this with you on a daily basis, waiting for it to surface. Let it go. Forgive. Some have had success in writing down their resentments and fears on a piece of paper and burning it. Watching it frazzle up and vanish is very healing. For others, simply saying, I forgive you, or, I understand why you did that, can be healing in itself. Do not allow someone else vibration to get stuck within yours to the point where it becomes part of you. 
We all have stories to tell of people who wronged us or of the  circumstances that we grew up in being unpleasant or uneasy. This is all part of our journey and the person you see in the mirror is exactly the creation that came out of it. It is because of our experiences that make us understand what we do and no one else will ever understand because our journey makes our mind unique. We can all understand a situation but we will all understand it differently because of who we are and that is a beautiful thing. We all deserve the best and we all deserve greatness. There is nothing bad here, only good and only love.

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