The Importance of Grounding Meditation 


Grounding yourself is a very important technique, which we should all learn about before we decide to start meditating. By doing this, we will grow and develop in a more healthy way. If we continue without grounding ourselves, we can experience uneasiness, restlessness and a state of being uncomfortable. As we grow spiritually, grounding is so important as we work with various energies. Grounding can make a big difference in our lives including the following: 

•          It brings strength 
•          Allow energy to release easier 
•          Helps to reach higher spiritual levels 
•          Stabilizes our emotions 
•          Guides us to our purpose 
•          Brings out healing abilities to their full potential 



If we are not grounded, it is said that we can experience symptoms such as: 
•          Daydreaming 
•          Dizziness 
•          Heart Palpitations 
•          Forgetfulness 
•          Arguing 
•          Weight Gain 
•          Feeling Sick 
Before we meditate or do any spiritual work, we should always prepare ourselves and protect ourselves. This is done by centering ourselves, grounding ourselves and shielding off any unwanted influences. 
Grounding ourselves connects us to the energy of the earth and therefore we do not have to use our own energy and allow it to be depleted. We can do this by imagining we are connected to the earth as if our feet have roots. If we can imagine we have bare feet and we are standing tall, we can imagine long roots sprouting from the base of our feet and sinking deeply into the ground. As we inhale and exhale, the roots solidify into the ground more. After doing this for several minutes we can feel a shift in our energy. 

There are also other techniques in which we can ground ourselves like simply touching a tree. By doing this for a few moments we can feel the shift in our energy. Walking barefoot is another, as we can enjoy the feeling of our skin on the earth and feel its energy going through us. Playing around in the garden can also help us to feel grounded, feeling the grass or soil or doing exercises where you are activating the bottoms of your feet like squats or jogging. 

It is also important to drink water, take long walks, and spending time with animals if we can. All of these techniques can lead to one feeling more grounded. 
Many people are unaware of grounding techniques as they begin their spiritual journeys and although it is not necessarily a bad thing, it can stop us from wanting to continue further with techniques such as meditation as many can feel drained and dizzy leading them to become confused and feeling like meditation is unnecessary or even scary. Luckily, it is becoming more common for a teacher who teaches meditation to first teach their students to ground and protect themselves. As we open up more to the light we become a beacon and it is not uncommon to become sensitive to the energies around us. By keeping ourselves grounded we can preserve our energy and keep our minds focused on our own journey of enlightenment for the brighter we shine, the more visible we are to every other entity.


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