How to Have a Wake Induced Lucid Dream (W.I.L.D.) 


We can all learn to lucid dream purposely, every night. The wake induced lucid dream technique does just that. It involves keeping your mind awake whilst your body shuts down and goes to sleep. 
These techniques are based on your focus and concentration to stay awake and letting your body go into sleep paralysis. This can be unnerving on your first try so please do not worry. 
The technique 
You want to begin this technique about an hour before you go to bed. If you have been keeping a dream diary then go over it, remember some of your dreams or read about other people's dreams. Make sure to keep TV's and phones away. You do not want any bright screens distracting you. 



Step 1
Have a good stretch and lay yourself down in the dark. Make sure your pillows are comfortable and that you are covered up if you think you will feel the chill. It is important to feel comfortable because you do not want to move during this exercise. If you would like to burn incense to help you sleep then you can do this also. 
Step 2
Focus on the muscles in your body and totally relax them. If you want to, start at the top of your body and work your way down. 
Step 3
Focus on your breathing now. Feel the air go into your mouth and nose and back out again. Do not strain to take deep breaths, just breathe normally. If you know how to lower your heartbeat then this is the time to do it but this takes practice. If you cannot do this yet, just focus on your breathing for about twenty minutes. 

Step 4
Start to visualize different things. You can focus on a circle or a square. Anything. Just totally focus on that image. Once you have this image firmly in your mind you can change it. Change the color of it. Make it bigger or smaller. Anything, After this, you can try to visualize something more complex like a city, a forest or a beach. Once you have decided on where you will focus, make the details clearer. 
Step 5
Now you want to put yourself into the dream. Look around you, get a feel for all that is there, look down and see your feet and your hands. Feel the sun or the breeze. After a little time, you will be totally ejected into the lucid dream. 
This technique is very simple and easy to master once you have tried it several times. Some people get it first go and others take longer but it is worth persevering. Many people struggle with staying calm once they know they are dreaming and this wakes them up. Do not worry if this is you, the more you do it, the calmer you will be but it is very important not to rush these steps, take your time and do them all correctly and in a relaxed state. If you are struggling to relax first then play some calming music, perhaps, whilst you are looking through your dream journal. Maybe even mediate. It is worth the effort.



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