Exploring the Walk-In Experience


A walk-in experience is a soul exchange where a new soul takes up residence in the body of a soul that wishes to leave. There are reasons a soul can walk-out, sometimes the life circumstances are too much to bear and the soul cannot continue and other times the soul has simply completed its mission and wishes to leave. This is where the new soul steps in. The walk-in is an agreement between two souls where one takes over the other in order to complete the mission. By doing this, the body does not have to die in order for the soul to leave, it is simply swapped over. 
Walk-ins amongst our children 
It is believed that this can happen multiple times as we all have souls that travel along side us for support. It is possible that these souls swap with the souls within us, back and forth, as a way of taking turns to get each task done. This is quite common and as we are becoming more conscious beings, it is becoming more frequent. It is very common amongst children as some children experience circumstances that are too tough for them and agree for another soul to step in whilst they receive more nurture from a higher dimension. When that soul, is ready they can return. This is a way for the soul to skip the entire childhood experience but still learn the lessons. 

Can we feel it within us? 
This process can take anywhere from a few months to several years to adjust and it is not uncommon for both souls to resound within the body until the original soul is ready to walk out although it is usually done within several hours. 


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For most, we cannot feel when our soul has walked out and another has walked in, but for some, something is different because our souls can agree to a personality change along with the soul swap. Some people feel like they are suddenly different, their interests and hobbies are different overnight, this is because the exchange usually takes place at night. 
The souls cannot walk out unless the spirit guides of those souls feel like the body is strong enough because it is a very delicate procedure. It can be no easy ride for the soul that has now entered the body as all the karmic traces of the mind are still there. If the mind is quick to get angry then the walk-in soul has to learn to adjust to this but usually, due to a new soul, these traits tend to fade away leaving us feeling like something is different but this takes time. It is a challenge for the soul to get balanced. It is done with due care and attention and is pieced together fiber by fiber. This experience is nothing to be afraid of as (like I said before) it is usually done without any acknowledgment of the being and is done with the best of intentions by spirit guides who are there to protect you and do their best for you, always. 


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