The Biggest Misconception To The Laws Of Attraction


"You can't just visualize and then go eat a sandwich" - Jim Carrey 

There is one main misconception when it comes to the laws of attraction, this being that we can visualize our desires and then sit patiently on our sofas for it to turn up at our door. Now, do not misunderstand me, the universe works in mysterious ways, but are we doing our part of interacting with it? 
Taking action in joy 
There are two sides to this coin. Of course, we cannot sit and wait for our desires to be given, but on the other hand, we cannot go out every day and work to the bone towards the goal in which we desire. We certainly can sit and wait patiently for our desire but it is likely that what we will be waiting for is a guide. Inspiring our thoughts is where our universe starts us along our journey to our desires and when we get an inspired thought, we should take immediate action when we can. 



Working to the bone 
When we are working towards a goal, the goal being our biggest desire, then there is the chance that we can overwork ourselves when we do not need to. If we are following divine guidance from the universe then it should be fun and easy, it should be carefree and inspiring, not dull, long-winded and exhausting. The more we put ourselves out there to strive, the more we are pushing against the universe and cluttering out minds up with stress. If we do this, it will seem very difficult to hear our intuition. 

Lining up with our desire 
If we are working wearing ourselves out at work then why are we doing that? Where is out energy focused? If we are working extra hours whilst thinking, "I do not have enough money this month's for bills, I must work more hours" then that is exactly where our energy goes- to the lack. If we take action in, "this is so much fun, I love doing this" then all the abundance permeating that will soon shroud us. 
Unless we are lined up with the energy of our desire, we cannot feel it coming to us. If we are working too hard and not having fun then we are not lined up as we are telling the universe we do not trust it to bring us what we desire and so we have to keep working hard. There is absolutely a sense of ease by working and enjoying the unfold of our desires and if we are sitting around waiting and not putting some fun action into our goals then they soon fade away as the universe will only bring us whatever our dominant vibration is. 
There is definitely an art to manifesting what we most want and it truly is simple- just have fun with it. If we want to write a book, the only way to do it is to sit at our computers and start writing. When we get tired, we should stop, we should rest and go outside until inspiration strikes again. If we sit at our computers day in and day out with no breaks then we can soon start to resent the project altogether and give up. 
Follow your guidance, listen to your instincts and trust that the universe is doing whatever it takes to lead you on your way. You do not have to push heavily against it and you also need not wait for it to come to you. When inspiration strikes, go out and enjoy it, and when your mind tells you it is time to rest, enjoy the rest and wait for your inner being to give you your next chapter. 

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