How To Hear Your Spirit Guides


We all have spirit guides in our lives that have agreed before birth, to stay with us on our life journey in order to guide us. We are all here to learn and grow, so our spirit guides are here to guide us on the paths that we have chosen. They always know what we want and what we need and if we are open up to it we can have all the help we want. 
Chances are, you are already hearing your guides but you either do not realize this or you may not always listen. How often have you had a gut feeling to not do something and done it anyway only to have an uncomfortable outcome?  Our guides are always communicating through us and if we listen we always learn something. 
How do spirit guides communicate? 



Through our thoughts 
Telepathy is one of the most common ways to hear your spirit guides- if an idea pops into your mind out of nowhere it is usually put there for you so always listen to it. If we have a sudden urge to do something, we should do it. If we have an urge to go to a certain store or call a certain person then we are being guided and it is in our best interest to listen. 
Our guides also communicate through our dreams. Meditation is the best way to make our dreams clearer so that if they are communicating we will hear them more clearly. Normally, when someone has a dream from a spirit guide they wake up with a sense of just 'knowing' that the dream was significant. Sometimes, dreams can begin having patterns that the spirit guides use, like a particular setting. Perhaps their dreams always take place in a park or at the beach. Upon awakening, the person will usually have some strong physical emotions to the dream and will even need time to shake it off. 

Whilst we meditate and relax it also gives our guides the opportunity to communicate. Hearing your guides can be easy, it is believing in ourselves that can be the struggle. A lot of the time we would get an image come to us or a sudden thought and we tend to shake it off thinking it is only our own minds doing this, and sometimes it is. The more we meditate the more we can decipher what is what and the feeling that goes with it. If it is indeed our guides communicating with us, we can feel their love surrounding us. 
Sometimes we ask for things and do not realize we are being guided directly to it, leaving us to feel lost or confused.  We have all had moments like this but if we knew all the help we had behind the scenes then we would not need to worry at all. We are always being guided and shown the way. Sometimes we listen, sometimes we do not but it is always in our best interest to listen and go with what we are being told. Now that we know how to communicate, we can take time in our day to stop and listen. We can take the time to feel peaceful in order for our guides to communicate. If we have an urge, let's follow it and enjoy the outcome. 

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