How Can We Meditate Whilst in a Lucid Dream?


There are many benefits to meditation itself but what about meditating when we are lucid dreaming? Many say that by doing this, it opens up the mind even more than it would if one was awake and meditating, and many people have had extraordinary experiences with being aware that they are meditating in a dream. By doing this we are opening up to the higher realms and receiving messages and guidances from the high places within and around us. 
Practicing the steps 
Grasping the idea of lucid dreaming can come really easily to us and does not take much time if we are eager. The best way to be aware whilst we are asleep is to write our dreams down as soon as we awaken. By putting energy into our dreams when are awake will soon leak into our dreams when we are asleep. If we meditate for long enough we no longer feel our bodies or sense anything around us and once we have mastered this, we can soon learn to fall asleep on purpose. A lot of people, when they first start lucid dreaming, tend to do crazy things that they cannot do in their physical bodies, which of course, are fun and exciting. Eventually, the idea of meditating once there can become appealing as it gives us a heightened sense of self-awareness and we feel a deep connection to the higher places, to the universe and to our inner being. It can become a place of rest and a place of solitude. 

Discovering ourselves 
When we meditate we open up a gate to ourselves. We can discover any suppressed emotions, any fears we have or desires we may not realize and by discovering such things, we can continue on our journey to act accordingly. When we lucid dream we have the ability to go anywhere within our minds and experience whatever we want to. There is a connection between lucid dreaming and lucid meditation which we can all experience. 



By doing so we can learn to achieve a detached mind where we can take the time to observe ourselves and our emotions when we are awake and be more aware of ourselves and others. We can also receive answers to certain questions we have been asking. We can learn more about certain situations and receive guidance with all of them. 
Once we begin the practice of this it can open many spiritual doors for us. We connect more with our feeling and emotions in order to use them as a guide for us to become better people. We all have the ability to do this if we want to and it can become very natural for us as we begin to surrender to ourselves. It is the best way to connect with our guides on a daily basis, sort of like a fine tuning or a quick self-check to make sure we are continuing to learn about ourselves. Our emotions are a great guide to us and by meditating in our lucid dreams we can become more aware of what they are and how we can benefit from them and use them to our advance. It is a way of putting our whole selves under the microscope.



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In order to achieve Lucid Dreaming, please research on different tips found on the web. Lucid Dreaming doesn't happen all at once, so patience is an important factor. We also advise you to keep a dream journal near you.


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