Is A Spiritual Awakening Actually A Swapping Of The Soul?


Once we start going through an awakening we cannot go back. Sometimes the information comes to us so fast and other times it may seem like things have come to a halt or get delayed, but once we learn more about our divinity we can never 'un-know' it.   

There are two huge similarities to the spiritual awaking and the experience of soul exchanges if this is something you believe in. These both come with a sense of feeling different. Something inside us changes and we feel a deep connection with ourselves and who we were put on this earth to be. Could there be a link between to two or are they two totally separate journies? 




When a body goes through the walk-in experience there can be some major differences in the personality of that individual which mimics the awakening process. 
One can go from depression to an overwhelming sense of happiness 
When we awaken we can feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude as our mind awakens to all that we have and all that we can achieve. Life seems sweet and fulfilling. It is also believed that when a body receives a new soul this can also happen and as the walk-in experience happens when the body is resting, the individual can wake up the next morning feeling completely different. 

Feeling like your family and best friends are strangers 
When we become 'aware' we slowly start to make new friends, friends who we connect spiritually with and also sadly, we lose friends. The friends who seem superficial to us. This can also happen with family members. Some of our family members can feel like complete strangers to us because we stop seeing that person as family and more as just another soul that is around us. We can also suddenly connect with family members that we once did not enjoy being around with before because we then see the real them and make a deep connection. For the ones around us, they feel like they do not really know us anymore and eventually drift away. 
Suddenly, all the material things change 
Upon awakening, it is common to hear people speak of job changes, changes in style, religious beliefs and changing their entire environment. This is also common with soul exchanges as the new soul enjoys a different environment than the last and this can all happen very suddenly. 
Many attributes that come with an awakening also resigned with the soul exchange and it could be that they are both connected. Sometimes, the reason one awakens and finally sees the world around them is because they have an entirely new soul within them that sees things differently and looks upon things differently than we ones did. It can be a refreshing feeling as all the burdens we once carried leave us and we are left feeling like a fresh new soul with a fresh start to life. The old version of ourselves feels like a distant memory or even a dream.



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