Can We Connect Our Supermind to the Superworld? 


We open up to the Superworld through our thoughts. These are not just any ordinary thoughts, though, they are thoughts that stem from the highest planes. If we can adventure through higher planes, through silence, through knowing, we can reach the Superworld. We do this by using our Supermind. 
What is our supermind? 
Our Supermind is the thoughts that come from within our souls. Our souls know more of what is beyond and what is further afield than what meets the eye and they know what our full potential is worth. Our supermind is one with God, able to reach all levels of love, abundance, and can travel any distance to reach its desires. Our supermind is power, it is generated from the other side and it is at peace within its level of expertise. This is the Supermind. 



What is the Superworld? 
The Superword is where the thoughts of our souls resound. It is a place of ease and tranquility and a place that is safe from harm. It is a place that is beyond and place that only a beings simple mind could reach. It can only be reached by ones who are truly awake to the likeness of who they really are and can only be shown to those who are living as their souls are created to live. 

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How can we connect the two? 
By using our Supermind we will soon reach the Superworld. The world that will make sense to those living within their Supermind. Using our physical eyes to see the reality around us is only seeing the world through the vision of others and other circumstances but seeing life beyond this, for what it is and for all its beauty and power, that is reaching the Superworld with the Supermind. We are all capable of looking around and seeing beyond what is seen by the retina, we can see space, we can see time and we can see the connection from soul to soul. More than that, we can see the love between each soul and what a powerful place to be in. 
When we dream, we are there. When we meditate, we are there. This is through thought but not just any thought, it is the thought that is silent. When we meditate, we forget our bodies and we forget our worries. We feel only our souls. We feel no flesh. By doing this, we are within the Supermind. 
When we use our Supermind we can then take what we know and apply it to our current lives- something that may take time. It can be difficult for one to grasp what they now know about what our universe holds and go back to a mundane and ordinary life that was once theirs. The more we use our Supermind, the more we grow with eagerness to become our extraordinary selves. The selves that we came forth to be. We can create with our Supermind in our Superworld and watch reality change into something extraordinary. We can go beyond the normal level of human thinking and explore the dimensions in which we arose from. 



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