What Are Soulmates? The Search For Your Twin Soul


There is a saying: “no man is an island.” Since the dawn of our species, this has proven to be true. Whether it is for practical or procreative reasons, people have always sought companionship. However, to many, perhaps all, there is a deeper yearning to find one specific person, one that would make them complete as they go through the journey of life: the soulmate.

What are soulmates?

Different peoples from all corners of the world define the soul mate virtually the same way: a soul mate is a person who we feel the deepest, most intimate comfort, physical and emotional compatibility, and to some, even spiritual affinity. This is the reason why, when people feel like they have found their soulmate, they feel like they are more than they are, like they are complete.



But while we have defined what a soulmate is, it can in fact be very difficult to recognize a person as your soulmate. Sometimes a romantic relationship with a partner will feel so intense, so deep, and have all the hallmarks of a soulmate as it is defined, and yet it will end in disaster and misery. Some people will feel like this means their soulmate was not meant to be theirs, but they would be wrong. It just means that that person wasn’t their –true- soulmate in the first place, or just one of the other soulmates they have encountered; yes, it is possible multiple soulmates will enter your life, but there will only be one true soulmate.

This is because when one finally finds their true soulmate, it will be undeniable. It is when, despite troubles, arguments, or misunderstandings, the connection still exists and remains strong. It is when the person feels instantly comfortable, do not feel threatened, and desires to be with the other almost at all times. It is when the desire to grow and learn together remains over the years, and the respect for one another is there at all times.

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And a soulmate may not necessarily be a romantic partner as well. While this is the most common occurrence, it is not always the case. It can be a best friend, it may even be a pet. And while there might not be a physical or sexual relationship with them, the potency of the love and the connection is just the same.

For those who do have romantic soulmates however, the sexual relationship will be without comparison. It transcends simply being amazing, physically, but emotionally and even spiritually as well. A mere touch of a fingertip can be electrifying, and a kiss, breathtaking. But again, your soulmate may not necessarily be one for a romantic or physical relationship.

How do I find my soulmate?

In most instances, you do not actively find your soulmate. While you may increase your chances by encountering and meeting a lot of people, it is not a guarantee. The arrival of your soulmate, as many people believe, is part of a grand cosmic plan. Some people are fated to find theirs early, some, late in life. Some even find their soulmates while they are already with their spouse, and this can prove to be a challenge to their lives. And some don’t even find them at all, or if they do, they are not meant to be together.

Whatever the case, it is simply part of the story of their life, how they get to be with their soulmates. One way to increase your chances at finding your soulmate is by opening your heart chakra to the cosmos, with the help of this track:

The binaural beat and isochronic tone frequencies used in this track ranges from the Alpha to the Delta, and has the carrier frequency of the planet Venus, where it promotes positivity, reflection, desires, ambitions, harmony, balance, emotional warmth, physical or emotional self-healing that are connected to the heart, mental balance, love for life, for self, and for others. It is also strongly connected to the heart chakra and the Hara.



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