Signs That Your Manifestations Are On Their Way 


We all wants different things in our life and when we learn about Universal laws such as attraction we can step forth into that flowing current and allow ourselves to get lost in the abundance and the love that is, in fact, our Universe. 
Setting forth an intention is to simply ask the Universe for something. We can do this consciously by saying, 'I would like this...' and we can also do it subconsciously by experiencing something unwanted and sending our thoughts that we are wanting something different. When we do this, and we do it every second of the day, the Universe yields to us. It pushes things around, moves things from here to there, sets up people, events, circumstances, all to bring you what you just asked for. There are many little signs that are telling you it is on its way and it is those signs that you really want to be aware of. Some people see signs and shrug it off as if they are not worthy or that they must be crazy. This is ego. The soul knows, or you know deep inside when something was meant for you. 



This is a sign of alignment. It is a sign that you are completely connected to the Universe right now and so you can be assured that you have totally opened the door to your manifestations and wherever you feel the need to go, you must go. Seeing synchronicity in something like numbers (1234, 1111, 4545) is a sure sign that you should trust and ask in that moment when you are totally connected. You can ask for something you desire and therefore know you have asked from the thought of love. 

Intuition is like God talking to you. If you feel a joyful urge to go and do something then you should because it is leading you on your journey to get to where you want to be. Always listen and never second guess. Do not make haste, do it right away in that moment when the momentum is there. 


Seeing little signs is so common but we do not always realize it as we discussed in one of our latest articles. If you are wanting something and you are seeing it everywhere then this is a great sign because it means that it is in your vibration so feel joy and open your heart to it. 

You also know it is in your vibration if you are dreaming about it. So, if you see your desires in your dreams then continue with what you are doing because it is surely on its way! 

We are always being spoken to by our Universe and it is up to us to realize that. When we do we will see the signs everywhere. We never have to look for them because they are shown to us which is another sign in itself. These signs and impulses are like completing a dot-to-dot. We have to line up with each dot to get the picture. The end picture is whatever we have asked for but we cannot complete it and see it in full if we do not first create a joining between ourselves, the Universe and the journey itself.


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