Are Lucid Dreams linked to an Out of Body Experience?

Many question the experience of an Out of Body experience (OBE) as to whether we have truly disconnected from our physical bodies or whether we are simply lucid dreaming. When we lucid dream we can go anywhere and do anything, which is why it is so similar to the experience of an OBE, and some would argue that they are the same thing, but are they? 
The Out of Body experience 
An OBE most commonly occurs upon an awakening as the body goes into paralysis but the mind remains awake. This is called sleep paralysis which we have talked about before. Technically, when this happens you feel like you are awake and cannot move but in actual fact, you are dreaming but dreaming that you are awake, which can be a frightening experience. This is the stage where we can lucid dream because our mind is awake without the restrictions of a physical body. Without that restriction, it is easy to learn to detach the soul from the body and astral project. With this, we can go anywhere, do anything and create anything but are we just dreaming? 



The Differences 
Those who have had an OBE would argue that it was so real and so vivid that there was no chance they were just dreaming whilst others believe that lucid dreaming is so vivid that people combine the two. 
The main difference between them both is the surroundings in which they are taken to. When we lucid dream we tend to visualize certain places and people and we are automatically taken there, but with the OBE we tend to be in our room looking at our bodies and then exploring what is around is. A lot of people when having an OBE tend to stay within their room near their bodies as sort of a safety net. Some explore the house and others in the house but do not tend to leave the comfort of their home the first time. If someone has an OBE a lot they become more confident and are more eager to explore. 
When we awaken from a lucid dream there is a knowing that we were lucid dreaming and none of it was real. We can feel this when we are having the dream itself but when we awaken from an OBE it is quite the opposite. It leaves us with a certain knowing that what happened was completely real and that our souls did indeed leave our bodies for a time. The OBE is also an easy experience to remember whereas with ludic dreaming one tends to forget the experience altogether or find it difficult to recall the experience specifically. 
Whether you believe it is all in the mind or that you can separate the soul from the physical body I am sure we can agree they are both totally thrilling experiences. With the idea of doing such thing we can explore other realms and meet the spirits that we wish to, whether they be relatives that have crossed over or spirit guides and angels. Whatever your beliefs, it is safe to say that both phenomena are an incredible experience that is worth trying to experience if you want to explore the vastness of our universe. 


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