So I’m Lucid Dreaming. Now What? What To Do In Lucid Dreams

Over the past few days, we have been addressed the question “what is lucid dreaming?” gave tips on how to prepare for lucid dreaming, and what to expect from lucid dreaming when it does happen. Let’s continue this series of discussions about lucid dreaming by talking about the things you could do once you’re lucid dreaming.
The possibilities are endless
One thing to remember about lucid dreaming is that once you’re in, you’re going to be in control as to what you can do, see, experience, and feel. This means, that in lucid dreams, the possibilities are literally endless, and are only limited by your own personal imagination and convictions. For many people, lucid dreaming is a chance for them to do and experience things that would otherwise be impossible in the real world, such as…
Amazing physical feats
Everyone in the waking world can run fast, jump long, and do things like hiking and swimming. In the lucid dream world, however, you can do much, much more. Flying is a very popular activity to do in lucid dreams; many people experience flight in normal dreams and are hooked to the experience, but in lucid dreams, being in control brings flight to a whole new level. Fly over places you’ve visited in real life, places you want to visit, and even places that don’t actually exist, and are only created by yourself!
Other physical feats include transforming into an animal and seeing the world through its eyes, eating an endless feast of food, lift mountains and rocks and cars with your super strength, and have godlike athleticism to beat all your favorite athletes in any sport! Again, the possibilities are endless, so experiment!



Learn more about yourself
Introspection is another popular activity in lucid dreams, and doing so can improve one’s self greatly.
Facing fears is something that many people use lucid dreaming for. When you are in control, and are secure in the fact that you can be safe, facing your fears, in any form, can help you deal with them in the waking world. Conjure up what you fear the most, face and conquer it, and voila!
Another is practicing skills without manipulating things in your favor. Everything from how to talk people for job interviews or just casual conversation, to sharpening athletic or academic skills like a sport or solving mathematical equations. This translates to real life improvement because studies have shown that the same neurons of the brain fire when doing a particular activity, whether in the dream or in the waking world. In fact, in some cases, people can get to unlock skills they didn’t know they had in them until they tried it in their lucid dream. So get to practicing!
Meet people
This is yet another popular lucid dream activity. From famous people from history, to fictional characters in books and movies, and even people you’ve met in real life but have not been able get the chance to interact with. Imagine being able to talk to Gandhi, or Bilbo Baggins, or your work or school crush you’ve been wanting to express your feelings to (see practicing skills in the previous paragraph.)
In some cases, a dreamer can even converse with someone they just conjured up in their dream, and in advanced levels of lucid dreaming, they can even converse with people and creatures not of this world! There are some who claim that when this happens, it is possible that they are actually conversing with other dreamers from other worlds. How exciting is that possibility!
Create your own world
This is arguably the biggest and most complex thing one can do in a lucid dream. Conjuring up a whole new world where you can experience a plethora of things and sensations is a truly amazing possibility. For an artist, such as a writer or a painter or even a musician, the appearance of such a world is only bound by their imagination. For those who are less artistically inclined, it is a chance for your inner self to be unleashed and for you to see what ideas you hold within. Once created, many people can easily preserve their world in their mind and go back to it (or recreate it) when they lucid dream. It’s literally an alternate reality!
These are just a few of the things you could do when you lucid dream. We will be discussing way more possibilities in the coming days and with more blog posts, but for now, try the ones we listed above when you go into your lucid dream! And to help you with that, listen to this collaboration with Ryan Cropper,  using a Brainwave Power Music binaural beats track for lucid dreaming beginners, which can help stimulate the mind through guided meditation. 
Ryan Cropper is an experienced lucid dreamer who experienced lucid dreaming and astral projection at a very young age and is now helping beginners learn and experience the wonders of lucid dreaming. Check out his YouTube page at: for more info.

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