What is Dream Spinning?

One of the biggest frustrations when it comes to lucid dreaming is managing to stay within it in order to explore our subconscious mind. This is due to that moment when you say, 'I'm dreaming!' and the surprise of it wakes us up. This will happen if you have a lucid dream totally out of the blue, but the more you have them, or train yourself to have them, the less likely this will happen, but this is where dream spinning comes in. It is extremely frustrating, though, especially when you have gone out of your way to prepare for these dream experiences. Some people spend hours before bedtime setting themselves up only for it to not work as they had hoped. Dream spinning is a technique to help you to stay within the dream once you know you are there. 



Why does it work? 
Dream spinning is a technique in which you spin around, like an ice skater, because there is something about the movement which keeps you within your dream. When we start to wake up from our dream everything tends to go merge together and go fuzzy. When we spin we are purposely encouraging everything to do this and therefore we are making it part of the dream itself which then tells the brain to continue to sleep. 
Many people have said that this makes the dream clearer, brighter, and even changes the environment sometimes. They have also said that they can spin around faster than they could if they were in their physical bodies. 

How to dream spin 
            Opening or closing the eyes 
This is different for most people. Some say that opening their eyes in their dream wakes them up physically whilst others day the opposite so it's worth experimenting with both. Whichever works best for you, you can stick to that whenever you are trying to stay within your dream or even trying to transport yourself. 
            Spinning slowing 
Spinning around too fast will probably wake you up so you're best to spin around slowing and carefully. By doing this you are giving yourself more control within the dream than if you were just spinning around uncontrollably. 
            Using it at the right time 
When you feel like your dreams are fuzzy or dimming you can use this technique to make things feel clearer for you. If you also want to change environment then it has been used to do that too. 
If you find that this technique hasn't worked for you yet then you can try adding other techniques in with it like rubbing your hands or doing other reality checks. With everything bound together, something is likely to tell your brain to stay asleep. This technique is one of the most popular ones out there and has had so much success it is worth giving it a go. Using this technique is a way of gaining control within the dream and therefore steadying yourself and staying asleep. It has such a high success rate that it is used my most of the minds in the lucid dream work.

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In order to achieve Lucid Dreaming, please research on different tips found on the web. Lucid Dreaming doesn't happen all at once, so patience is an important factor. 

We also advise you to keep a dream journal near you to train your mind to recall dreams.


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