The Practice of Self Love


We live in a world where not only do people criticize others but they have gotten into the habit of criticizing themselves. Our inner beings love us and everything we are and have been which is why it feels so painful to self criticize. It feels uncomfortable and can take over out mind. Practicing self love is so important and the results you will see happen so fast because the more you work with yourself the more you will receive from yourself. 
Recognize that you deserve to be loved.  This is something we can all struggle with. It is natural to want to hide certain parts of ourselves to avoid being hurt but if we can begin to love ourselves then we can also begin to trust ourselves. We can also begin to do things for ourselves. Some people go totally out of their way to help others and forget to help themselves. We can help more people if we first help ourselves. Of course, putting yourself first can be tough in a world where people are quick to judge but the more you practice self love the more you will notice a change to the people around you. It will not be those people who change but those people you will start to see less of which will allow room for others who love themselves as you do and go on to love you like you do. 

"You cannot get poor enough to help poor people thrive or sick enough to help sick people get well. You only ever uplift from your position of strength and clarity and alignment". 
- Abraham Hicks 



  Being sure of ourselves and trust ourselves is a form of self love. So often we second guess our decisions or feel the need to go to someone else for advice. Sometimes this can be because if something turns out unpleasant then we can blame someone else and not have to blame ourselves, but really, if we look to ourselves for guidance then we can never go wrong. Our inner being always knows the best path for us to take and if we take it then everything will unfold beautifully. Trusting yourself means being true to yourself and therefore being the best you that you can be. 

Forgiving yourself in all area and letting go of all guilt that you hold is another way of letting yourself in and also can be the most tricky. Your inner being sees no mistakes and wants nothing but for you to see yourself as it does- pure love.  People can get this confused with arrogance but it is very different. Having love and respect for yourself is a wonderful feeling. Simply knowing how amazing your body and mind works will eventually lead to an amazement at just how powerful you are. We cannot be defined by our mistakes or wrong doings because we are always growing and learning. Without wrong you cannot learn right. 
Loving yourself will make you a better you. You will naturally begin to connect and empathize with others, you will begin to do things that are important to you regardless of what others think and you will notice only positive around you The trust is, is that this was already there right in front of you the whole time but by practicing self love, you will be opening your eyes to it.

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