The Advantages of Listening to a Guided Meditation 


There are so many guided meditations out there to choose from these days and they can all benefit us in some way. They are especially good for those who are beginning out on their meditation journey and are a little unsure as to what to do. 
We can find guided meditations out there for self-love, healing, energy clearing, manifesting, and so much more. There is plenty to choose from. There are benefits to using a guided meditation rather than quieting the mind itself which we will explore here. 
Keeping the mind focused 
A guided meditation means that we can focus on the words that are being spoken and therefore not allow out minds to wander quite as much. Although peaceful meditation is used to clear our thoughts a little, it is also beneficial for us to have someone instruct us so that we stay focused on the goal. 



Keeping the meditation going 
For some people, they find it particularly difficult to meditate for a certain amount of time. Either they get bored because they cannot focus or they struggle to stay still for that long. Finding a guided meditation means having to sit through the entire recording and therefore giving us a full half an hour or even an hour, of relaxation. 

Specific goals 
If it is something we are looking for specifically from our meditation, other than quieting the mind, such as healing or allowing us to manifest on a larger scale, we can do this. We can even bring in something like money or someone, like a soulmate, by using the correct guided meditation. 

A soothing voice 
This probably stems from childhood when we heard our parents read stories to us or soothe us when we were upset. Hearing someone's voice along with relaxing music is extremely calming and allows us to drift off into another place. 

A lot of guided meditations help us to visualize a specific scene such as a relaxing beach, a calming waterfall or listening to the noises within the rainforest. This is so calming to do and so effortless and it also helps us to get on board with visualizing something peaceful when we are not meditating. It creates a great habit. 

A guided meditation is so easy it must be tried. We can find them that are only twenty minutes long if we have a hectic schedule and are still extremely beneficial. Listening to this regularly will ensure that we stay at peace and also give us a place to return to in the middle of a stressful day. We can stop for a minute and think of a peaceful place to go which ultimately releases resistance against the Universe and allows us to continue to create and manifest as we desire. It also helps to reduce stress and anxiety which then leads to better health and a happier you. It is an all round effortless exercise for a better sense of well-being and allows us to be the person that we want to be.



GUIDED MEDITATION for RELAXATION - "Lavender Flowers" - Calmness. Tranquility. Balance. Peace.​
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