Happiness and What Your Heart Desires



Happiness is total connection with our inner guidance, our inner self or God, and it is something we all want to experience. It is also a way to tell if what we are doing is right for us at that time or wrong, because if we are doing something that makes us happy we are following our bliss. If we are doing something that makes us feel unfulfilled then we need to look at changing that. If we are in a state of joy then we love unconditionally, we are on a highly tuned frequency where only positive people, circumstances and events can flow into our lives. 


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With our happiness comes success in all areas of our lives and plants itself under the gratitude tree and the more we focus on the positive the more we will see them. When we reach the vibration of happiness then we only experience who and what lives on that vibration too. If we are feeling the opposite, which would be the negative emotions such as fear, jealousy and sorrow then we  need to find a way to effortlessly climb our way to joy. A good place to start is with gratitude. If we are grateful for what we have then more of what we want, whether we know we want it or not, can manifest and we will begin to see more of what we are grateful for. 

If we say we cannot be happy until we have... the perfect car, the perfect house, the perfect spouse or infinite amounts of money, then these things cannot come to us because by putting a condition on it we are holding our hand out to it and resisting it. We are telling the universe we do not have it and therefore, the laws of attraction will match up to your vibration of not having and we continue to receive a lack. So often, people feel that in order to believe something they must be able to see it, taste it or touch it but this defys the laws of attraction. If we find joy and gratitude in the simple feeling of such things then those things can begin to grow from non physical to physical. 
So often, the reason we desire something is because we think we will feel better in the having of it. However, sometimes the happiness in having something and the excitement of receiving it can build up so beautifully that in the moment we receive it we can feel the excitement fade away. A lot of successful people say that they prefer the idea and the feeling of something than physically having it. 
Happiness allows us to become magnets to our desires. It also brings other joyful people to us so we can enjoy our perfectly precious time and allow us to dabble in interesting conversations and laughter. Joy enables us to have infinite amounts of love for everyone and everything. It allows us to be an open vessel to unlimited abundance in every area.

What makes You happy?

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