Some Unusual Uses For Lucid Dreaming




Lucid dreaming can be used for a huge number of things, and it’s an incredibly powerful tool but there are some strange, unusual uses for lucidity that you might not have even thought about. 

For those who don't know, lucid dreaming is the ability to control your dreams and guide your dream towards what you want to experience. It’s like being awake inside your own mind, you can choose what to do. 

With practice you can achieve very profound levels of experience and you can do incredible things. The basics are simple enough but you can never stop learning. There’s always more to learn and discover. 




Unusual Uses for Lucid Dreams 

1: Getting ready for an important day/event 

Lucid dreaming can be used very effectively to prepare for an event before it’s happened. You can simulate any experience in a lucid dream, so you can use it to practice things like your first day at your new job, or doing a skydive. 

It’s a safe environment to practice, and your brain will actually change slightly after doing something in a lucid dream. The same neurons fire whether you experience something in a lucid dream or in real life. 


2: Trying exotic food and drink 

If there’s a type of food you’ve never tried before, but you’re scared to try it in real life, you could just eat it in a lucid dream. Of course, the taste won’t be exactly the same if you’ve never tried it before, but it’s a good way to get used to the idea. 

Let’s say for example you want to try eating crickets (An Asian snack) but you can’t bring yourself to really eat a real fried cricket in real life… You could just get used to the idea of eating insects in your next lucid dream, and then it won’t seem as crazy in real life. 


3: Becoming any animal you choose 

Ever wondered what it would be like to become an owl? What about scurrying through a fire ant colony in the desert? Well with lucid dreaming you can do those things, and I’ll tell you now, the experience is really unique and mind blowing. 

Some of my most incredible lucid dreams have been where I’ve taken the form of an animal and lived a ‘day in the life’ of those animals. You’d be very surprised what your brain can simulate and show you. 


4: Answer questions with your subconscious 

It’s well known that your SUBConscious mind is far more powerful and capable than your conscious mind. your subconscious mind can be accessed almost directly in a lucid dream and you can use it to get answers to questions that your conscious mind can’t work out. 

If you’re struggling with a question like ‘what should I do with my life?’ or something similar, you can ask the lucid dream directly while you're in it. Get lucid, and ask the dream (just ask out loud) ‘what should I do with my life?’. 

Your subconscious mind will answer that question for you, and the answer you’ll get will be very interesting. It will be unfiltered by your emotions and day to day ‘small thinking’. It will be a natural, raw answer from your mind. 


5: The ‘practicing skills’ thing! 

You may have heard about this one, but it’s probably the most interesting use for lucid dreaming there is. You can practice things in a lucid dream, and ACTUALLY improve at those things in real life. 

Your brain does actually change when you practice things like driving, climbing, speaking confidently and just about any other thing in a lucid dream. Your mind changes, and you improve at that thing. 

The most simple way to do this, is just to enter a lucid dream using whatever technique you prefer, (for example, the wake induced lucid dreaming method or the wake back to bed technique). Then once you’re in the lucid dream, just DO the thing you want to practice. 

When you do it, do it KNOWING that when you try and do it, you’ll perform the skill perfectly (in the dream). Believe that you’ll perfectly land that backflip, or nail that speech, or climb that mountain. 



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