Using 'Surrender' to Enter the Supermind 


Our body and our mind is a very powerful thing. Our mind creates ideas and our body tells us if they are in line with the Universe. When we manifest illness, disease or physical pain, it is our bodies way of telling us that something within our minds is off. Due to modern medicine, this information is, therefore, either unavailable or unbelievable to many people. If people cannot accept that they created it then they certainly can not accept that they can prevent it. It all seems too good to be true. 
Modern medicine is of course, very powerful and it helps everyone around the world to ease pain and suffering. We give our power to a single pill and allow it to take away our pain, but what if we did this with our minds? 



The power of Surrender 
When we surrender, accept, and let things go, we start the healing process. This is different to denial. Denial is not allowing us to accept what we have created within ourselves and therefore put a stop on any sign of healing. In fact, this can just make it worse. Surrounding is taking full responsibility and knowing that what has been created has started within the mind and therefore can be released from the mind. 

Releasing also helps us to untie ourselves of egoism and create in the spiritual world. It allows us to go within the divine flows of the universe and live as our higher selves do. Our higher selves live in the superworld. We surrender to our higher selves every night when we go to sleep. When we sleep it gives our thoughts a chance to wander within being assigned to anything. When we awaken we sometimes have forgotten our dreams. If we stop and think about our last dream we cannot remember and the more we think the more difficult it is to remember it. When we release the idea of it, put our mind to something else, there is more chance we will remember. When we release, we release to the higher self. The higher self is more powerful than our ego. 
When we surrender we live in serenity. We flow with the energy of our universe and we create within it. There is no struggle, only solitude. When we surrender we give our power to something that knows more and sees more than we do because when we hold onto things we are holding onto them with our ego. 
Take a look inside yourself and tolerate what you see. Never run away from it. Soak it all in and feel the emotions that are there within you. The more we practice this the less painful it becomes as we surrender to more and more of what is detrimental to us within our minds. Our minds hold the power to our livelihood, when we change perspective we change our surroundings. When we release all the unwanted we become more of who we were born to be. We never need to hold onto anything hurtful or uncomfortable. We want to only feel love because our souls are made from pure love and loyalty to our well-being. 

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